T Knowledge

Q: What are the health benefits of tea?


1. Less caffeine, a cup of tea has 30-50mg of caffeine as compare to coffee has 140mg.

2. Lowers cholesterol level and blood pressure when drink daily.

3. Contains flavonoids (ECGC), may help against free radical that contribute to cancer, heart disease and clogged arteries.

Q: I heard green tea is good for me, what kind of green tea should I get?


It's a common misconception due to most of media reports concentrate on the beneficial effects of one particular tea, "green tea". Actually, in tea industry, "green tea" is defined as "any tea that is not fully fermented or roasted. Hence, any tea other than black tea, Pu-erh tea is counted as "green tea". For the health benefits, all the good quality teas do contain all the necessary elements for health. With this thumb of rule, just take your time and find the tea with aroma, flavor that suits your pallet.

Q: Why are high mountain Oolong teas much more expansive?


Different from regular Oolong tea, high mountain Oolong teas are teas harvested from 5000 feet and above mountains. Teas grown in this region are able to receive more moisture from fog and mineral rich soil. Unlike regular Oolong teas usually are machine harvested that can have more stems, high mountain Oolong teas are planted in steep slopes that they have to be handpicked and hence only the best part of tea leaves are picked and have rich aroma and flavor when being brewed.

Q: What is the difference between "spring" and "winter" Oolong tea?


Only known to most seasoned tea drinkers, premium Oolong teas come in two major categories of “spring” and “winter” tea. Spring teas have more floral aromas and lighter taste as to winter teas have strong taste and better mouth feel.

Q: Is cast iron teapot good for tea?


Cast iron teapots are originated from Japan and their main purpose was to boil water during the winter time over the fire and due to their thickness, cast iron teapots were able to preserve heat longer so they were never meant to use for tea brewing. Teas taste best when they are brewed with clay pot.